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Invigorating ◊ Clearing ◊ Stimulating 

traditional uses include: anti-fungal, headache relief, clearing of the sinuses, breath freshener

active compounds include: menthol, menthone, 1, 8 cineole

we like it with: fennel, lavender, lemongrass, cacao

Peppermint is indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, but is now widespread, being cultivated in many regions of the world. Peppermint is a hybrid mint, a cross between watermint and spearmint. Being a hybrid, it is usually sterile, producing no seeds and reproducing only vegetatively, spreading by its rhizomes. It is found wild occasionally with its parent species. Peppermint typically occurs in moist habitats, including stream sides and drainage ditches. If placed, it can grow anywhere, with a few exceptions. Peppermint is well-known for its high menthol content.

All bioVapour™ blends and single-note bioFlavours are comprised of GRAS plant extracts that vaporize naturally and Vegetable Glycerin.
They last much longer than synthetic eliquids. A 7ml size will last on average 2 weeks of regular biovaping.
NOTE: High sub-ohm temperatures will harshly break-up or 'burn' terpenoid flavors. We recommend hardware at 1.1-1.6 ohm / 10-15 watts / 350-400F. 
bioVapour™ is not in any way intended for use with nicotine, which conflicts with the whole plant terpene flavors used in bioVapour™ liquids.
Do not use if pregnant. Consult a doctor before using if you take prescription medication.
This product is not intended as medicine or to treat illness.

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