bioVapour™ gives you immediate benefits of ancient, natural life-enhancing herbal aromatics. Great as single bioFlavours or blended together. Try starting with a Mixer Blend like herbal Real Cola, citrus Island Kava, spicy Ginger Chai or any of the Cacao Blends and then add a favorite flavor. Every creation is a fantastic experience!

bioVapour™ literally unlocks your olfactory system. Breath in the therapeutic wellness of this most traditional art, empowered by 21st century technology. No sweeteners added!

All bioVapour™ blends and single-note bioFlavours are comprised of Generally Recognized As Safe plant extracts that vaporize naturally, plus Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin.

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Sweet ◊ Regulating ◊ Gently stimulating • traditional uses include: general tension relief, bronchial and digestive support • active compounds include: anethole, li..
Sweet ◊ Regulating ◊ Gently stimulating • tr...
Regulating ◊ Uplifting ◊ Gently warming ◊ Balancing • traditional uses include: encouragement of general nervous system regulation, prevention of infection, ..
Regulating ◊ Uplifting ◊ Gently warming ◊ ...
Bitter Orange
Centering ◊ Uplifting ◊ Encouraging • traditional uses include: metabolic support, promotion of mental focus, stress relief • active compounds include: linalool, B-myrcene, lim..
Centering ◊ Uplifting ◊ Encouraging • traditional uses inc...
Warming ◊ Opening ◊ Appetizing • traditional uses include: digestive stimulation, relief of gastric discomfort, relief of muscle tension, encouragement of appetite• ac..
Warming ◊ Opening ◊ Appetizing • traditional u...
Warming ◊ Motivating ◊ Vitalizing • traditional uses include: sweat promotion, treatment of 'cold' conditions, antifungal• active compounds include: cinnemaldehyde, eu..
Warming ◊ Motivating ◊ Vitalizing • traditiona...
Deeply warming ◊ Stimulating ◊ Relieving • traditional uses include: dental pain relief, circulation and immune support, anti-microbial• active compounds include: eugenol• we li..
Deeply warming ◊ Stimulating ◊ Relieving • traditional u...
Regulating ◊ Tonifying ◊ Gently stimulating • traditional uses include: respiratory and intestinal support, spasm relief, anti-inflammatory • active compounds include: ..
Regulating ◊ Tonifying ◊ Gently stimulating • tradit...
Restoring ◊ Centering ◊ Mystical • traditional uses include: energetic protection, scar reduction and general skin support• active compounds include: pinene, limonene•..
Restoring ◊ Centering ◊ Mystical • traditional...
Ginger Chai
Traditionally inspired chai with ginger, black pepper, and warming spices that stimulate and protect.The tea-and-spice beverage popularly known in the western world as 'chai' has been used for..
Traditionally inspired chai with ginger, black pepper, and warming spic...
Island Kava
Premium kava with lemon, lime and bright citrus effects. This vapor is sparkling in its stimulation even while quickly relaxing.Expertly formulated citrus blend -- use solo for its gentle Kava..
Premium kava with lemon, lime and bright citrus effects. This vapor is ...
Calming ◊ Soothing ◊ Relaxing ◊ Harmonizing • traditional uses include: anti-inflammatory, promotes relaxation, counters stress and anxiety, soothes irritati..
Calming ◊ Soothing ◊ Relaxing ◊ Harmonizi...
Awakening ◊ Brightening ◊ Clarifying • traditional uses include: upper respiratory support, immune support, promotion of mental focus• active compounds include: limone..
Awakening ◊ Brightening ◊ Clarifying • traditi...
Invigorating ◊ Clarifying ◊ Cooling • traditional uses include: microbial and bacterial growth inhibition, reduction of fever, reduction of joint pain and inflammation..
Invigorating ◊ Clarifying ◊ Cooling • traditio...
Uplifting ◊ Balancing ◊ Refreshing • traditional uses include: immune support, upper respiratory support, relief of constraint• active compounds include: limonene, B-p..
Uplifting ◊ Balancing ◊ Refreshing • tradition...
Invigorating ◊ Clearing ◊ Stimulating • traditional uses include: anti-fungal, headache relief, clearing of the sinuses, breath freshener• active compounds include: me..
Invigorating ◊ Clearing ◊ Stimulating • tradit...
Real Cola
Real Cola contains both nutmeg, which has a striking red seed, and lavender, which was added to the below formula a bit later.  Expertly formulated herbal blend -- enjoyable on its own..
Real Cola contains both nutmeg, which has a striking red seed, and lave...
Gently focusing ◊ Uplifting ◊ Refreshing • traditional uses include: gentle upper respiratory support, headache and nause relief, counteraction of fatigue• active comp..
Gently focusing ◊ Uplifting ◊ Refreshing • tra...
Sweet Orange
Balancing ◊ Harmonizing ◊ Gently brightening • traditional uses include: glandular support, mood elevation, prevention of infection• active compounds include: limonene..
Balancing ◊ Harmonizing ◊ Gently brightening •...
Ylang Ylang
Opening ◊ Protective ◊ Sensualizing • traditional uses include: energetic protection, promotion of tension release,• active compounds include: caryophyllene, pinene, linalool• w..
Opening ◊ Protective ◊ Sensualizing • traditional uses i...
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