About Us

Botanic eLiquids Inc. is a USDA Organics facility, owned both by its Portland, Oregon staff and New Zealand based eBotanics Ltd, founded by Sifu Dai, a life-long monk dedicated to abetting the evolution of vital life and essential nature

produce and distribute Organic bio-active, concentrated aromatherapy liquids, with our Portland facility focused on both OEM and retail North American markets. The most famous aromatherapy personal diffuser vapor brands originally came from our brilliant labs.

Our botanical extract formulations are precisely designed for bio-vaporizers, with low wattage, quality engineering that anyone can afford.

We focus on research and development with botanic strains that are traditionally regarded around the world as highly beneficial for general human use. We use precise, proprietary processes to extract, formulate, blend and stabilize unique vapor liquids comprised of all natural, botanical ingredients.

We will soon be expanding our original 16 bioFlavours and bioVapour Blends and Mixers including Cacao, Kava and Cola.

Our advanced team pioneered the holistic field of Terpene Vapor Therapy, with Certified Organic bio-liquids made for the wellness industry.

eBotanics is reintegrating good folk everywhere with the benefits of traditional herbs and their flavorful, aromatic terpenes.