About Us

Botanic eLiquids Inc. is a production and marketing company located in Portland, Oregon USA. We produce and distribute aromatic and therapeutic botanical extract formulations that are precisely designed for contemporary personal vaporizers and diffusers. Our company group was founded by Sifu Dai, a life-long therapeutic monk dedicated to the development of authentic Natural Health services.

We specialize in the precisely calibrated infusion of vegetable glycerin with expertly selected and crafted whole-plant extracts, ranging from easy to work with simple structures to the more high-end and complex resinous extracts. These are made from herbs, spices, flowers, barks and roots that contain compounds from the largest class of chemicals in all of living nature: terpenes and terpenoids. 

Via an extensive OEM program, Botanic eLiquids will formulate, produce, bottle, label, package, and even fully brand, market and/or drop-ship your own organic herbal bioVapour™ for private label. We love to work with health conscious industry leaders that have sales channels waiting for the Real Deal.

Botanic eLiquids works closely with it's global value-chain partner Organic Guild Limited based in Dunedin, New Zealand. We focus on research and development with botanic strains that are traditionally regarded around the world as highly beneficial for general human use.

We use precise, proprietary processes to extract, formulate, blend and stabilize unique bioVapour™ formulas comprised of USDA Certified Organic ingredients for global distribution.

Our team has single-handedly generated the holistic field of botanic vapor liquids made specifically for the wellness industry. We are top consultants to leading brands in the international vapor technology and wellness industries.